Italian Kitchen

First stop on the pretty girl train is ITALIAN KITCHEN!

*Story Time* If you know me, you know I LOVE pizza. I found Italian Kitchen while I was partying on U street one day. I walked in to get something to drink, but of course I was both (drake reference haha). So, I grabbed me a slice of pizza. Bible, this pizza was the best pizza I’ve ever had in a minute. For one, it was big as hell. Two, it was juicy and just the right amount of cheese melted. I literally wanted to cry, that’s how good it was. On top of it being good I added parmesan cheese on it, crack! Ya’ll probably thinking like she dragging it, but it was dead the greatest pizza slice.  I know people was looking at me crazy because I finished it in two minutes tops. After that day, I kid you not, I went to Italian Kitchen every time I was on U street. Next time ya’ll are on U street, stop by Italian Kitchen and tell them mari sent you! #prettygirlseattoo







Pretty Girls spotted at Italian Kitchen!

What does it mean to be a pretty girl?

I don’t want people to get it confused, being a pretty girl to me is way more than looks. Everyone is beautiful in their own way! Being a pretty girl means being smart enough to know, what’s best for you is for you! Having enough strength to be your own person, and not giving a flying f*ck about how society thinks you should act or look like. Often times we get caught up in how people perceive us and it’s like why?? Who cares about what the next person has to say?? People who have the most to say are not paying your bills nor are they making you better so f*ck em. Stay pretty and stunt on them 💋 For the next few months, y’all will be joining me around D.C. at my favorite bars and restaurant. Now, some people are like why? Welllll, because we like to partyyyyy and pretty girls party and eat too ok? Ok. So let’s get this party started girls!!!!