This 3 floor club is great! They are attached to the restaurant Rewind which gives them a 1 up on a lot of clubs. You can eat then go right upstairs and party? Lit. Decades 1st floor is a more rectangle shaped, it’s room for you to move around and to use the bathroom. I think of this floor as the electro floor because that is the type of music they play. The 2nd floor is more urban but they play a mix of pop and hip hop. This floor is more square shaped and gives is a more intimate feel. Usually this floor is packed with people trying to get up to the 3rd floor.  Now, the 3rd floor is always the most lit (especially if you are there for a day party). This is where most of the sections are and most of the LIT people are lol. Anytime you want to go to Decades early arrivals are always suggested. I love decades so next time you are on Connecticut Ave, tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlspartytoo

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