So, this club is a new one. From my knowledge, the club opened up the weekend of Halloween. Abigail has an open bar, which is always a plus when going out. If I never told ya’ll before, OPEN BARS ARE ALWAYS A MOVE. If any club has an open bar, make sure that is your first stop! Anyway, the DJs at Abigail were so good! They both played a mixture of slow jams and party songs to keep the vibes rolling. When you walk in, there is a photo booth. If you know me by now, you know photo booths are one of my favorite things in any club.  The way the sections are set up is so cute! You walk in and there is two right in the middle, to the right there is one big section made up of about 5 smaller sections. Why I like that is because you can be with you party, but also be a part of a bigger/ more turnt party. They also have these big mirrors around the border of the clubs if you like me and like to look at yourself lol. Not to mention, the bottle girls are gorgeous!!! If you are over by Connecticut Ave, stop by and tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlspartytooabigail.JPG

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