Let me start by saying this place is open past 10, can I get an Amen!! We all know in D.C. it’s very rare to find somewhere with good food after that time. Anyway, Rewind is also owned by the people who own the nightclub Decades. They will more than likely check your ID, so if you are under 21 I am sorry, but sucks to suck haha. The inside looks like a little old school diner that you see on the old T.V. shows. They play music and also have a T.V. which plays the video of whatever you are listening to. It gives me a real 90’s electro vibe and I love that. There is also a bar for my drinkers! Everyone who works there is so nice and gives GREAT service. The food was also really good with even better prices. I didn’t think the steak would be good, but boy when I tell you it was amazing, I am not lying. There are also 2 entrances that leads you into the club after you eat which is also great! Next time you’re on Connecticut Ave, stop by Rewind and tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlseattoo

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