Boy oh boy, I am in love with vapiano. If you are a pasta fan, LOOK NOWHERE BUT HERE. First of all, lets discuss their water. I’ve had lemon and cucumber water before but never like this. Their water literally tastes as if God himself came down and cut the lemons, no exaggeration. Next, the pasta… I can’t even explain it, because it is that good that you just have to experience it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 9.31.49 PM.png

You can start by picking any type of pasta that you like. My ultimate favorite is penne, makes me feel rich. I usually get the Shrimp E Spinaci which comes with Shrimp, homemade basil pesto, refined with cream and parmesan tossed with baby spinach. I add salmon too because that’s just how I am lol. They also have salads, pizza, and deserts to choose from if you like those things too. Depending on what you get, Vapiano is inexpensive, but if you like me and like to add food, be prepared to spend a little extra. My experience at Vapiano is always nothing short of amazing. When you walk in you are instantly greeted by the host, they give you this card that you scan when you order your food. Your food is made right in front of you and never takes more than 15 minutes! I love this place lol!! Next time you are in Chinatown, stop in Vapiano and tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlseattoo

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