DC Reynolds

This spot is in the cut! I went here with a friend once and they told me that they found it on yelp, so don’t sleep on them yelp reviews. Anyway, DC Reynolds is a bar but its also a restaurant. They don’t have traditional food, but what they do have, at least what I tasted, was good. Every week they have these daily specials, I went on a Tuesday, and luckily it was taco Tuesday. If you know me, you know I love tacos! So, with the meal it was 3 tacos which also came with 3 shots of tequila plus a tequila soup. I.Was.In.Love. The food was great and the shots did their job. The shots were also all different flavored which made it even more fun and cute lol. There wasn’t any music playing, but it was still a very fun time. I would recommend this place 100%! Next time you’re on Georgia Avenue stop by DC Reynolds and tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlseattoo #prettygirlspartytoo



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