Insomnia Cookies

SWEETS!!! Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth?? Insomnia cookies is beyond great for those late night rides and maybe even after a date night, eh? My first time I went was after a night of clubbing of course lol, I had just had Italian Kitchen and was craving something sweet. I was actually mad at myself for sleeping so long on this establishment. I didn’t know what to get, but didn’t want to be basic and get chocolate chip cookies. So, I got a sugar cookie and snicker doodle. Now, lets take a look at the masterpiece insomnia creates:insomnia 2

Insomnia has many cookie and ice cream selections, I personally love the sugar cookies and vanilla ice cream combo. One thing I love the most is that you don’t have to worry about your cookies being good, because they are!! They are warm every single time I walk in, heavenly. On top of that, they close at or around 4 a.m., which is also a plus. & guess what? THEY DELIVER! Like, I can get a sweet tooth at 2 a.m. and not even have to get out the bed. I want every one to try insomnia cookies and tell me about their experience! Now, ya’ll know the rule, go to an insomnia and tell them mari sent you! #prettygirlseattooinsomnia cookies.jpg

hey pretty girl!! @globalcurlz

2 thoughts on “Insomnia Cookies

  1. Insomnia Cookies is great. Definitely overpriced but it’s worth it, ecspecially if you are a chocolate addict like myself. They should open a new location close to Howard University’s campus, business would be crazy! We need more 24 hour spots where they sell quality treats!


  2. Girl, I love Insomnia Cookies! I found them freshman year. The Adams Morgan location is right about the dispensary, so perfect for the munchies. My fave cookies are the peanut butter cookies. Omg, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.


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