El Rey

El Rey, or should I say Hell Rey? Lol.. honestly, El Rey is the first bar that I went to in D.C. I was a freshman in college and wanted to be grown so bad. I had my sister ID and was ready to party, okay. Me and two of my friends went to El Rey and needless to say I didn’t go back for a long long time.

Now, don’t get me wrong I LOVE this place, but it was before my time lol! El Rey is known for it’s magical margarita pitchers, you can get strawberry and/or lime on the rocks or frozen. The kicker is, after a few pitchers with the girls you are DONE. I wish somebody would’ve told me to know my limit cause babbbbbbby I went full retard my first time, and you NEVER go full retard at El Rey if you can’t handle it. Anyway, El Rey also has BOMB nachos that I literally can’t get enough of. One thing I do wish El Rey could change is their music, I mean can a girl listen to some jeezy? maybe not? ok lol. Next time you are on U street, stop by El Rey and tell them mari sent you! #prettygirlspartytoo

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