St. Yves

I am excited to tell ya’ll about this club. Oh how I have all the love in the world for St. Yves. I first started going here in the summer every Tuesday and I left every time with a different and better story lol. It’s still things to this day I don’t remember, which is probably a good thing haha.

So lets get started, first of all there is a open bar from 11-12! For all ya’ll who don’t know what open bar means, all rail drink are freeeeee ok. Of course it is always good to tip, but what’s a tip when you’re getting your drink for free for a hour long? Exactly. There is also no limit to how many drinks you can get in that hour, so if you can hold ya liquor go all out! Next, the DJs are ALWAYS good. I don’t think there is ever a time I went to St. Yves and I didn’t enjoy the music. DJ bills is my favorite of course sings *go dj thats my dj* lol.

Next, there is a bathroom mom who is always there taking care of the girls that come to use the restroom. She is so sweet and always has gum, suckers, soap and paper towels. Really, she has anything that you can think of that you would need in the bathroom.

Lets get into the tables, I LOVE how their sections are set up. None of them are too close to each other and each sections has just the right amount of space. So, if you one with hella friends do not fret. There is plenty of space for ya’ll to turn all the way up.

& did I mention the guest appearances are always unexpected but GOOD. I once seen Trey Songz and I was in love, do you hear me? lol  My love for St. Yves is ENDLESS!! Next time you go, tell them mari sent you! #prettygirlspartytoo



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