Red Rocks

Lets keep riding on the pretty girl train. Since it’s Sunday, I want to dedicate this post to brunch. *This is for my 21+ crowd sorry youngins ;(* Anyway,  Red Rocks is elite when it comes to brunch. There service is great! There was only one time that I was there and it was a long wait. But, that might’ve been because we had a big party with us and if you are a server, you know how it is waiting on a bunch of people who have no patience and just want to drink mimosas all day lol.

My absolute favorite meal at Red Rocks is, bihhhh you guessed it, STEAK AND EGGS. I mean, can you really go wrong with a medium well steak, scrambles eggs with cheese, and potatoes??? No you can’t. On top of that, Red Rocks bottomless mimosas are a killer!! After about 4 pitchers with your girls, you are ready to have a real fun time haha. Now once you are done eating you can head to the roof top where they have a DJ and also a bar with drinks starting at about $5. Red Rocks is perfect because you can have a good meal and then go to a bussing day party right after! Its located right on H street in NE, which is a great location. Just a warning, anytime you want to go to Red Rocks make sure you make a reservation in advance because it is very popular!  Also, tell them mari sent you! #Prettygirlseattoo #Prettygirlspartytoored rocks

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