Half Smoke

This post is especially for my Howard University students.. Half smoke is right by Howard Hospital on Georgia Ave. Their wings are bomb and drinks are even better. Half smoke is really good if you want to throw an event for your org, or even just celebrate your birthday with a happy hour. Their drinks are cheap and food is in the $10-20 price range (so not too bad). I love Half Smoke because they have a rooftop when it gets too hot in the outside! This was probably one of the first places that I went to that had a photo booth and I thought that was too cute.

What I like most about Half Smoke is that they have games to play like jenga, monopoly, and etc. They also have couches to sit at which is very personable and makes you feel like you right at home. Not to mention, they play music videos all day! I don’t know about ya’ll but that makes me feel like I’m sitting on the couch at home watching MTV Jams lol. Next time you stop by Half Smoke tell them mari sent you! #prettygirlseattoo

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