Italian Kitchen

First stop on the pretty girl train is ITALIAN KITCHEN!

*Story Time* If you know me, you know I LOVE pizza. I found Italian Kitchen while I was partying on U street one day. I walked in to get something to drink, but of course I was both (drake reference haha). So, I grabbed me a slice of pizza. Bible, this pizza was the best pizza I’ve ever had in a minute. For one, it was big as hell. Two, it was juicy and just the right amount of cheese melted. I literally wanted to cry, that’s how good it was. On top of it being good I added parmesan cheese on it, crack! Ya’ll probably thinking like she dragging it, but it was dead the greatest pizza slice.  I know people was looking at me crazy because I finished it in two minutes tops. After that day, I kid you not, I went to Italian Kitchen every time I was on U street. Next time ya’ll are on U street, stop by Italian Kitchen and tell them mari sent you! #prettygirlseattoo







Pretty Girls spotted at Italian Kitchen!

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