St. Yves

I am excited to tell ya’ll about this club. Oh how I have all the love in the world for St. Yves. I first started going here in the summer every Tuesday and I left every time with a different and better story lol. It’s still things to this day I don’t remember, which is probably a good thing haha.

So lets get started, first of all there is a open bar from 11-12! For all ya’ll who don’t know what open bar means, all rail drink are freeeeee ok. Of course it is always good to tip, but what’s a tip when you’re getting your drink for free for a hour long? Exactly. There is also no limit to how many drinks you can get in that hour, so if you can hold ya liquor go all out! Next, the DJs are ALWAYS good. I don’t think there is ever a time I went to St. Yves and I didn’t enjoy the music. DJ bills is my favorite of course sings *go dj thats my dj* lol.

Next, there is a bathroom mom who is always there taking care of the girls that come to use the restroom. She is so sweet and always has gum, suckers, soap and paper towels. Really, she has anything that you can think of that you would need in the bathroom.

Lets get into the tables, I LOVE how their sections are set up. None of them are too close to each other and each sections has just the right amount of space. So, if you one with hella friends do not fret. There is plenty of space for ya’ll to turn all the way up.

& did I mention the guest appearances are always unexpected but GOOD. I once seen Trey Songz and I was in love, do you hear me? lol  My love for St. Yves is ENDLESS!! Next time you go, tell them mari sent you! #prettygirlspartytoo



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This 3 floor club is great! They are attached to the restaurant Rewind which gives them a 1 up on a lot of clubs. You can eat then go right upstairs and party? Lit. Decades 1st floor is a more rectangle shaped, it’s room for you to move around and to use the bathroom. I think of this floor as the electro floor because that is the type of music they play. The 2nd floor is more urban but they play a mix of pop and hip hop. This floor is more square shaped and gives is a more intimate feel. Usually this floor is packed with people trying to get up to the 3rd floor.  Now, the 3rd floor is always the most lit (especially if you are there for a day party). This is where most of the sections are and most of the LIT people are lol. Anytime you want to go to Decades early arrivals are always suggested. I love decades so next time you are on Connecticut Ave, tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlspartytoo


So, this club is a new one. From my knowledge, the club opened up the weekend of Halloween. Abigail has an open bar, which is always a plus when going out. If I never told ya’ll before, OPEN BARS ARE ALWAYS A MOVE. If any club has an open bar, make sure that is your first stop! Anyway, the DJs at Abigail were so good! They both played a mixture of slow jams and party songs to keep the vibes rolling. When you walk in, there is a photo booth. If you know me by now, you know photo booths are one of my favorite things in any club.  The way the sections are set up is so cute! You walk in and there is two right in the middle, to the right there is one big section made up of about 5 smaller sections. Why I like that is because you can be with you party, but also be a part of a bigger/ more turnt party. They also have these big mirrors around the border of the clubs if you like me and like to look at yourself lol. Not to mention, the bottle girls are gorgeous!!! If you are over by Connecticut Ave, stop by and tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlspartytooabigail.JPG

MK Lounge

This lounge is located right by U street, it has two floors with a bar and DJ on each floor. I first went to MK lounge in the summer and everyone took care of us. The 1st floor is smaller, but it has a bar and a small sitting area. The upstairs is much bigger with more seats, but they don’t usually open the upstairs unless the downstairs is packed. The prices of their drinks and hookah is relatively cheap. Everything is between $10-$25 depending on the time of the day. There is also bottle services available too if you are into that! What I liked most about MK is how much it is in the cut, it gets traffic but only from the right people. If you ever want to enjoy some food hookah, and drinks by yourself this is the perfect place! Next time you are in the area, tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlspartytoomk gif.gif


If you are looking for GOOD seafood look no more, Fish in the Hood is here for all your food needs. I first came in contact with this place my freshman year of college, almost 4 years ago. It was love at first sight for sure! Me and my friends who literally go any time we got extra money because it was a tad bit pricey. I even put my mama onto this place when she came in town, and she also loved it. Around my sophomore year, Fish in the Hood burned down due to an electrical issue. When I tell ya’ll my heart broke in pieces, I was so sad. It wasn’t until a couple months ago my favorite place opened back up. When I went back in for the first time, I fell in love all over again. This spot is a to go spot, so don’t plan on sitting down and eating. All of the seafood is cooked to order, so you don’t have to worry about if it’s fresh or not. I usually get the broiled salmon, macaroni, and yams. If ya’ll wasn’t a believer of any of my post, believe this one!! Next time you are on Georgia Ave stop in and tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlseattoo


Today, I want to dedicate this post to T’Keyah Lynette. She is a 20-year-old Junior at Howard University in the school of communications. Over the last week, T’keyah visited many restaurants during D.C. Black Restaurant week. Although there were many great restaurants, one that stuck out the most was Ruby’s Southern Kitchen. T’keyah’s goal is to keep business and money in the black community.

“It is our duty to support our fellow black peers, because if we don’t who will?” – T’keyah

I appreciate T’keyah for taking the time to talk to me about her adventure! Head over to her blog to get the scoop about Ruby’s Southern Kitchen and tell her Mari sent you! #prettygirlseattooTK2.gif


Let me start by saying this place is open past 10, can I get an Amen!! We all know in D.C. it’s very rare to find somewhere with good food after that time. Anyway, Rewind is also owned by the people who own the nightclub Decades. They will more than likely check your ID, so if you are under 21 I am sorry, but sucks to suck haha. The inside looks like a little old school diner that you see on the old T.V. shows. They play music and also have a T.V. which plays the video of whatever you are listening to. It gives me a real 90’s electro vibe and I love that. There is also a bar for my drinkers! Everyone who works there is so nice and gives GREAT service. The food was also really good with even better prices. I didn’t think the steak would be good, but boy when I tell you it was amazing, I am not lying. There are also 2 entrances that leads you into the club after you eat which is also great! Next time you’re on Connecticut Ave, stop by Rewind and tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlseattoo

Velvet Lounge

This post is for my music lovers! This little place is right next to El Rey, and is very underrated. Now I will say, there is usually a cover charge of $20, but most of the time that I’m there is to see a friend perform. What I liked is that they have 2 floors, the top floor being the most popping. From my knowledge, Velvet lounge is for upcoming artist to perform on a kind of big platform. I would recommend this place for anybody who is trying to get out there and may not know where to start! I also think it’s so cute how they have graffiti everywhere, make me feel like I’m at a underground cypher lol. Next time you are on U street stop at Velvet and tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlspartytoo


Po Boy Jim

This newly opened place is great for events! Po Boy Jim of course sells po boys, wings, and great drinks. They have a happy hour that’s between 5-7p.m. and everything is half off. Very great environment and it’s black owned, which is an even bigger plus. If you are from the south and sometimes get home sick, come here because it gives you a southern feel, like cmon they have gumbo! There prices are for the most part affordable, and everyone who works there does a great job of making sure service is A1. Next time you’re by Howard stop by Po Boy Jim and tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlseattoo

po boy


Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi

Who doesn’t like hibachi? This place is in silver springs right down Georgia Avenue! First of all, make a reservation if you have more than 4 people!!! You will be waiting all day if you don’t. Any who, this place is so freaking cute in the inside. The prices are as expected, like any hibachi $15-$20 during lunch and $20 and up during dinner. The best thing about Hibachi restaurants is that they cook the food right in front of you! They put the onions in the middle and make a little fire, which is also always fun to watch lol. As many times I’ve been to Masa, I have the same exact reaction every single time, but don’t we all? Also try a sake bomb when you’re there! Next time you’re in silver spring, stop in and tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlseattoo


DC Reynolds

This spot is in the cut! I went here with a friend once and they told me that they found it on yelp, so don’t sleep on them yelp reviews. Anyway, DC Reynolds is a bar but its also a restaurant. They don’t have traditional food, but what they do have, at least what I tasted, was good. Every week they have these daily specials, I went on a Tuesday, and luckily it was taco Tuesday. If you know me, you know I love tacos! So, with the meal it was 3 tacos which also came with 3 shots of tequila plus a tequila soup. I.Was.In.Love. The food was great and the shots did their job. The shots were also all different flavored which made it even more fun and cute lol. There wasn’t any music playing, but it was still a very fun time. I would recommend this place 100%! Next time you’re on Georgia Avenue stop by DC Reynolds and tell them Mari sent you! #prettygirlseattoo #prettygirlspartytoo